What I'm Burning This Holiday Season

When it comes to the holidays, nothing resonates more than scents. Fresh balsam trees, homemade treats, freshly fallen snow, and those reminiscent of home, scents trigger memories and memories are what this season is all about. My favorite candle companies have been elevating the scent game in a way that has me even more excited for this holiday season (if even humanly possible). Let's break down my top six scents of the season.

  1. Dessert First by Otherland : This scent is everything I love about baked goods without making your nose hurt. You know those scents, they smell SO delicious in the jar but by the time it's been burning for thirty minutes your head starts to hurt. This is that candle, but elevated. With notes of ginger snap, cardamom, and milky tea, this ain't your mom's sugar cookie candle. It immediately makes my stomach growl and warms the mood with its spicy notes and warm caramel-y undertones. Buy some cookies from the bakery, light this candle, and guests will be running back for more.

  2. Broken Rosary by BoySmells : You can't deny an element of spirituality during the holidays. What I love about BoySmells is their ability to reclaim scents and make them, how do you say, gay. I grew up going to catholic schools and churches and although the spirituality never resonated with me, I could always get down with some incense and ritual vibes. This candle embodies that. With floral notes of rose and violet, mixed with musky undertones and bergamot lightness, this candle will have you on your knees (in the best way).

  3. Charred Fig by Apotheke Co. : I am a huge Apotheke Co. stan. Not only do they create incredible and thoughtful scents, but their community is next level. With this launch of their new holiday scents, my love for them has grown even deeper. Matte white ceramics encase their curated scents with waxes matching the packaging (yes please). Charred Fig immediatley captivated my senses. Fresh fruity fig leaf provides an understated sweetness while neroli and cashmere envelope the space to create a comfortable and casual setting for everyone to enjoy. Use code TYLER15 for 15% off ;)

  4. Juniper Clove by Ebb & Flow : Continuing to be a sucker for packaging, Ebb & Flow's Juniper Clove pulls me in immediately. The hand blown glass vessel houses a classic Christmas evergreen scent intensified by warm woody cloves and just a hint of berry. I have always loved having a fresh tree, but with a puppy and content to create, we make the switch to artificial. With this candle burning, you would think we chopped our tree down ourselves. It's THAT good.

  5. Spruce by P.F. Candle Company : This candle is city living, picking a tree at a corner lot, fresh snow storms, and cozy nights. What always gets me about P.F.'s scents is the price point. For twenty dollars you can have the scents of the season as long as you'd like. Their understated and clean packaging fits right into any space. They make great gifts too!

  6. Burrowed In by Sniffs of Adventure x @Tylerpo.Interiors : Ok. Subtle flex. This is the scent I created with Sniffs of Adventure. To this day, every time I smell this candle, I say, "I DID that". Well, WE did that. But this candle is truly everything. With notes of pine, bergamot, and cinnamon, she is the scent of the season. As soon as the first crisp breeze hits New England I pull one of these out and burn immediately. Not only does this candle smell incredible, but it also throws enough scent to fill your home without being overpowering. I can't say enough about this candle. If you're inclined to purchase, be sure to tell them Tyler sent you in the notes! Get "Burrowed In" and light one up ;).

What are you burning this season? I'd love to know!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images. Credit is given to the companies and sites linked.


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