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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I struggle to find the words to properly and whole-heartedly express what this space means to me. This venture is something I have dreamed about for years. My love for interiors has been ingrained in my being since I was a kid. I can recall being eight years old watching HGTV to fall asleep, begging my mom to help me rearrange my room each time I thought up a new floor plan. I would constantly be looking at paint swatches while dreaming up what my own personal little oasis could become. From those early days, my love for interior design continues to grow. I have always understood design as a means of expression, but in my adulthood I have been enlightened to see all that design can evoke: passion, emotion, security, and peace.

When I envision a space, I start with it’s inhabitants. What creatures will enjoy this space? What nooks and crannies will be explored? What small touches and details will bring joy daily? The way in which a family or individual will grow, flourish, and “burrow” into the heart of their home is at the forefront of my design process. My current project is my own home. I have just entered a new chapter of my life with a partner whom I love dearly. We are working to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional; aren’t we all? When I began working on a color palette, every color that I gravitated towards was a shade of grey. We currently live in a borrowed home (we are renters) and were allowed to paint one room, which we chose to be the master bedroom. We searched high and low for the perfect balance of calm and energetic, earthy and awakening, and landed on a shade of “ash” grey. Although grey is a vital love in my designs, I have really pushed myself to embrace color in our new space. Grey will always be a perfect backdrop, but why not spice it up a bit?

Although our home is a work in progress, as is this blog space, one thing I settled on and felt secure in was the name of this new venture: “ash+burrow”. For me, the idea of burrowing means snuggling up with those you love, enveloping yourself in a space in which you feel safe and secure, and being one with your surroundings. Ash is a tone that I often use as a springboard for my interiors. It is a color that makes me feel so balanced, that in the end, I always feel confident in choosing it. I hope that through your exploration of ash+burrow, you find the inspiration to make your own space one that you will enjoy with those around you for years to come. 

Welcome! I hope you love it here and am so excited to experience this journey together.


Founder & Creative Director

ash & burrow

Lindsey Wood


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