Top 5 Holiday Scents

I am so excited to share my five candle picks that will be sure to enhance your space this holiday season and beyond. Candles offer the opportunity to alter the mood of a space with the flick of a match or the click of a lighter. When shopping for candles, it’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed. This list of my five go-to candles for the holiday season is concise yet offers a range of price points and scent profiles. Some traditional, some unconventional. This holiday scent guide will instantly transport you to the holiday time we dream of.

1. Burrowed In - Scents of Adventure x Ash & Burrow: I figured I’d list this candle first and foremost because let’s face it, it’s my favorite and I’m extremely proud of it! Burrowed In boasts notes of pine, cinnamon, and bergamot. This candle provides the classic scents of the winter season we know and love with a freshness not yet discovered. Adding bergamot at the base transforms this candle from “holiday” to everyday coziness. Every time I burn this candle, I always make sure I have another in my queue. Scents of Adventure is a small business located in Boston, MA that focuses on scents that invoke any type of specific adventure. Burrowed In is meant to invoke long nights on the couch with good wine and even better company.

2. Silk Pajamas - Otherland: Otherland is a go-to brand of mine. Whether I’m gifting or looking to add to my personal collection, their candles just always entice me. The Gilded Holiday Collection stands alone from the moment you look at it. Elegant matte black glass with a metallic gold interior sets the stage for a scent you know will captivate the senses. When selecting my inclusion for the blog, I actually really struggled to narrow down which companies I wanted to include, considering I have so many true favorites. They all contained their own uniqueness when it came to holiday scent profiles, but I couldn’t get Silk Pajamas out of my mind (or nose). Spicy ginger balanced by bergamot (sensing a theme here) and spiced yuzu. This candle has a subtle sweetness that the holidays always usher in, but a luxurious quality that is refined and palatable. If you’re looking for a scent that impresses and lingers, look no further.

3. Snow Capped - Aster Candle: Based out of Rhode Island and hand poured by the brands founder, Catherine, Aster is a small business with enormous potential. Their candles are classically elevated. Snow Capped represents the best of the season. A blend of white birch and pine that is reminiscent of every Christmas spent cutting down trees and nustling under blankets. Aster Candle also has a Candle Club where you can subscribe to receive a surprise scent each month!! Makes the perfect gift for yourself or that tricky someone on your gifting list.

4. Holiday Fir - Ebb & Flow NYC: I discovered this brand on Instagram and reached out to the extremely sweet Rupal “Ru”, who sent this candle my way to test out and experience. This candle has been just that from the moment I opened the package. This is the type of candle you can buy and gift without even having a second thought about it. Concealed in a matte black box with a dried floral arrangement adorning the front, Holiday Fir is complex and layered. With an initial nose of evergreen, the scent transforms to reveal woody clove, and notes of citrus. It’s expected, yet unpredictable and fully enticing. The candles are poured in hand blown glass vessels with the loveliest shade of green. I am excited to add many more candles from Ebb & Flow to my collection.

5. Morrocan Mint - Trudon: The moment I smelt this candle, it justified the price and reputation that Trudon candles hold. Imagine walking out to a garden spilling over with crisp fragrant mint. You pluck a handful and inhale. Walking back into your home you muddle some in the bottom of a glass and your home is overtaken by the freshness of the herb. That is Trudon’s Morrocan Mint. I am still baffled by how they captured this scent so faultlessly. Trudon is the oldest known candlemaker still functioning in the world. Founded in Paris in 1643, Trudon went on to become the Royal Manufacture of candles. When you receive a Trudon candle, you will indeed feel like royalty. If you can splurge, you won’t regret it, but you will want to savor it.


Founder & Creative Director

Ash & Burrow

Lindsey Wood


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