How to Select and Style the "Perfect Sofa"

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

People always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and entertain. I also believe that a gorgeous kitchen that is both functional and stylish is a must have. But to me, the sofa is the real heart of the home. 

Sectionals, loveseats, futons, sleepers. Aside from the different types of lounge furniture, there are so many different choices of fabric, texture, color, and pattern! It can all become a bit overwhelming to say the least. Then there’s the issue of style versus function. As a design lover, when it came to buying my own sofa, it had to be easy on the eyes. But as a lover of binging Netflix for hours on end and recently becoming an occasional afternoon catnapper, it had to be comfortable. So, where do we begin? 

First, you need to start in your space. Where will this new blissful cushiony furniture piece live? How much space do you have? Can it live there forever? Or, do you want the ability to switch things up? This is a good basis for choosing a foundational piece of furniture. In my home, I knew that space was fairly limited. Having a long but narrow living room meant that a sectional was probably out of the question unless I wanted it to be the basis of the space, which I did not. From there, I decided on two things: the maximum space I wanted to devote to our sofa, and that my partner and I needed to be able to both fit more than comfortably (neither of us like to compromise on comfort). 

After these important initial considerations, I dove into the real meat and potatoes of my decision: color and style. There are endless options to choose from, and not only options, but places to make your purchase. When choosing a piece of furniture that I knew we would spend a majority of our time using, I knew it needed to be an investment. I fell down a typical design-inspired-internet-shopping black hole. When I finally came up for air, I had landed on three options. The Lounge II from Crate and Barrel, the Harmony Sofa from West Elm, and the Pierson Sofa from Room and Board. What drew me to these sofas were their subtle and simple design aesthetics, fabric choices, and depths. I wanted something we could sink into and want to relax on, but something that could also make a statement in the room. After looking at fabric samples (which are free from each of the above stores and I highly recommend getting/viewing in the store) I settled on the Harmony Sofa from West Elm. It’s overall comfort and style was exactly what we wanted in the space. It also came in a 92” length and 47” depth custom option which fit the needs of our long living room and gave us a seat depth that would allow for various comfortable seating arrangements. 

Once I had settled on the sofa style, from there, it all came down to color. We chose twill fabric in the color “wheat”. Let me tell you, I am so happy with the choice. I was nervous to select such a neutral toned fabric but it has held up nicely so far. This neutral fabric also gives me the option to switch things up in terms of accent pillows and throws pretty easily. We ended up settling on a pinky earth toned color palette for our accents. A mix of velvet, boucle, knots, and frayed edges added some spice to a pretty blank canvas. The harmony sofa also came with toss pillows which add to the coziness of the sofa and overall look. Finish it off with a dusty blush chenille throw, and voile! We love this sofa and the statement it makes in our space. It has also passed the “Love Island binge nights” test, which is crucial in my opinion….


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