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Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I love putting my energy into something that brings me joy. Navigating the sinking ship that is going back to work as an educator has been anything but manageable, but one thing that always centers my mind is design. I have been arranging and rearranging objects everywhere in my home trying to spark some creativity. The one room I never even think about sharing on my various platforms is our guest room. It was the room that kind of got lost in translation when we moved into our new place back in July. Moving in with my partner meant we had two bedroom sets, which was a win because we were able to focus our time, energy, and money into other projects and pieces of furniture for our new home. We ended up using his set in the guest room and kinda just threw odds and ends in from there. I’ve had so much fun showcasing our personalities and style in the rest of our home, but now it’s time we show some love to the space that our loved ones get to burrow into.

I have been itching to design a new space. With a few different projects in the works, I wanted to get back to what I truly love, which is design. So this new guest room project has me feeling all types of excitement! Now, this space doubles triples quadruples as many different things. First and foremost it acts as a place for guests to sleep. Second, as a home for all of our overflowing clothes (come on, we all have that room). Third, as general storage. Fourth and final, as a newly conceived office space for working from home. With zoom meetings, online teaching, blog writing, and continuing education, we need a place where we can be productive. We are working on saving and planning for the future. So I want to revamp this space, but also don’t want to break the bank. So we will be playing a little design on the dime and redoing this space for under $500.

Let’s get into some plans! When I’m working with a client the first thing I ask them to do is describe their style. When sitting down and thinking about our own, it took me a minute. I always say mid-century, which definitely reflects in my style, but as of recently, I’ve been loving more earthy minimal spaces and palettes. Natural textures, earth toned colors, linen, stoneware, this is what my eye has been gravitating towards. I’m so excited to not only reflect that in this new refresh, but I’m also excited to begin creating an office/work space! After narrowing down a style, I am then quick to ask clients their hopes for the space. How do you want this space to feel? What do you want to be able to accomplish in this new room? I know I want my guest room to be warm and inviting, but I am also excited to use it more as a place to work and let out some creativity. While we are keeping the bedroom furniture, I am excited for the task of incorporating a desk and workspace as well.

The plans for the space begin with painting an accent wall that will bring in a new color to ground the room and add a new palette. Painting the existing dresser and potentially adding a new nightstand in place of the current will add more square footage and brightness while also adding design elements more aligned with our personal style. Bringing in a desk will create a work space for working remotely and blogging. New light bedding and accents will freshen up the space as well. I want to incorporate photographs, brass and leather accents to ground the room in masculinity, while still nodding to our feminine flair. My hope is that I can thrift and find vintage pieces to make the space feel more unique and eclectic rather than the mod-page that it is now. I am so excited to begin this project. First task, paint!! Check out my refresh journey on Instagram @tylerpo.interiors.


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