"Fool Proof" Macrame Ornaments

When I started to plan my Christmas tree for this year, I struggled. Searching online for inspiration left me feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and right back where I started. That’s when I decided to go back to my roots. Christmas trees for me have always been a collection of memories. My go-to ornaments have always been from when I was a kid or passed down from parents and grandparents. Ones that I remember receiving and ones I was excited to give. That’s what a Christmas tree has always been for me, so why change now?

Each Christmas, my mom always gifts my family and I an ornament and a new pair of Christmas pajamas. This is a tradition that I have always cherished and want to share with my kids one day. Now, all of my childhood ornaments are still at home and used on my mom’s tree (I may have to change that for next year, sorry mom!), but I have begun my own collection of sorts since living on my own. Last year I found and purchased a bunch of vintage ShinyBrite ornaments (thanks HomeGoods!), which I love. They are timeless and classic. Greens, reds, silvers, and gold. They scream, “put me on the tree!!!!”. When deciding what to fill the rest of the space with, I thought, why spend a bunch of money on ornaments that I will probably not even use next year? I want to begin my own collection. I want to start creating new memories and moments that can be passed down, in turn making me relive moments with loved ones each year. I don’t need themes, color palettes, or the newest trend. I need a tree filled with love. Especially this year.

Although I only just recently established my little collection of sorts, My tree was missing something. While sticking with my original concept of a tree with meaning, I asked my sister to teach me how to make one or two knot macrame ornaments. With her guidance I have learned two styles and I’m excited to teach you one! I’m calling it my “Macrame Ornament for Dummies” (“Fool Proof” Macrame Ornaments). It’s foolproof one knot, and when you’re in the groove, take less than ten minutes to make. Not only does the macrame make a great addition to any tree, but these ornaments also make especially thoughtful homemade gifts, and beautiful wrapping accents!

“Fool Proof” Macrame Ornaments


  • 3mm Macrame cord - color of your choice (I used natural, wine red, and deep green)

  • 1in-2in Natural Wooden Ring (you can choose the size you like, I linked a variety pack for the freedom to make different sizes).

  • Silky cord, twine, or hanging material.

  • Jingle Bells (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Wine (crafts are always more fun with wine)


  • Cut your macrame cord into 6in pieces (I cut a BUNCH all at once but one ornament on a 2in ring takes about 27 cord pieces).

  • Fold cord in half.

  • Place the loop on top of the ring, ends pointing down.

  • Fold the ends under the ring and feed through the loop.

  • Pull tightly forming a knot.

  • Repeat until the ring is full.

  • Trim ends to make an even circle.

  • Untwist the cord to fray each end.

  • Using the silky cord, form a hanger at the top of the ornament. String a jingle bell prior to tying if desired.

  • Hang and enjoy!

If you’re new to macrame, I hope you found these were simple and fun! The look is so effective and impressive, no one will even know you made them in a flash. From here, you can make many different knots and versions so if you're semi-experienced working on macrame, have fun with it!


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