5 Must Have Fall Candles

I love fall. I always look forward to the end of hot New England summers in order to usher in falling leaves, beautiful foliage, and cool crisp breezes. Not only do I love the weather change in Boston, but I am also thoroughly excited by the events and palettes of the autumn season. Burgundy, caramel browns, and warm earthy orange hues. If the sound of these tones alone don’t make you want to burrow, I don’t know what will! When transitioning from one season to the next as far as decor goes in my home, I usually try to make subtle changes. I’m not a huge “pumpkin everywhere-fall verbiage signs-scarecrows on the lawn” kinda guy. I like to play with textures, patterns, colors, dried florals, and most of all, scents.

Candles are always a dominant part of my home (I must admit, I have a very impressive collection [coming soon]). Whether they are unscented to set the mood of a space, decorative to add height and depth, or scented to enhance the mood, candles are a must in every home. What better way to welcome the fall season than with a run down of five candles that instantly transport you into the coziness of all that autumn has to offer? When I took the time to determine which scents I personally wanted to incorporate into my home this year, I knew I wanted diversity. Usually I sprint to Bath and Body Works and buy any and every scent that includes the word “pumpkin”. But this year, I wanted to elevate my fragrance profiles. Of course I still keep pumpkin based candles in my collection (I was very selective but come on, we always need some pumpkin) but this year I decided to expand well beyond my comfort zone. Let’s dive into some scents that provide warmth without being predictable, shall we?

1. First up on my “must have scent list” is from the brand P.F. Candle Co. Their Spiced Pumpkin candle is vital when incorporating scents into the home during Fall. What sets this candle apart from the pack is the natural deliciousness of this aroma. It is best explained in its notes: “Pumpkin pie, lots of butter, Harry Potter weekend. Nutmeg, pumpkin, brown sugar, and cinnamon"(pfcandleco.com). When the candle is burning, it smells like someone has made the best homemade pumpkin pie, fresh from the oven, waiting to be sliced. Not to mention, their addition of “Harry Potter weekend” contributed to a mild amount of personal bias. When I’ve burned pumpkin candles in the past, I was always so excited to light them, but immediately became overwhelmed by how they engulf my home. There is something about overpowering artificial scents of lower end candles that take away from the purpose and excitement of bringing the scent into your space. It can be hard to wade through the sea of pumpkins hitting you from all angles during these autumn months, but trust me, this Spiced Pumpkin candle by P.F. Candle Co. is a notch above the rest.

2. Next up we have a scent from Boy Smells. It is unlike any other candle I have owned due to its unique notes. Cedar Stack entices with notes of cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust, and white musk. Any time I hear the word “musk”, I am immediately turned off (huge fear of my home smelling like it was overthrown by Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds). I purchased this candle as a part of the Boy Smells Pride Collection, which donated a portion of proceeds from sales to the Trevor Project. Boy Smells is a queer owned brand based out of Texas that I am fully obsessed with. Adding this candle to the blog post was a no brainer. If you are looking for a scent that is unique, warm, inviting, and not a pumpkin overload, this is your guy. The woodsy profile makes it feel as if you are off in a cabin wrapped in a plaid flannel blanket, and when in the midst of fall, who doesn’t want a lotta bit of that (they also collaborated with Kacey Musgraves for a Slow Burn candle that I can’t not mention, but let’s get back on track).

3. Scents of Adventure is a small local business run by a couple named Adam and Chris in Boston. I have been raving about their products to friends and family and need to inform the public as well! Here is a little background behind the name: “Scents of Adventure was born and is based on our travels and all the memories we've made. We have tried to infuse just the right scent to match each adventure and hope that the adventure evokes something in you! (www.scentsofadventurecompany.com)” The leading aspect of their products is that each candle is based on an experience the couple has had throughout their ongoing travels. The candles are hand poured in their South Boston home and made with lots of love. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their Fall Collection before the official launch coming up later this month. The scent I chose to feature is Apple Picking. Who doesn’t LOVE to go apple picking during fall months? It is the quintessential New England autumnal adventure. This candle includes the classic apple and cinnamon profile and is elevated through it’s addition of vetiver. This 100% soy wax candle is a must for bringing in all that is to love about Fall. Keep an eye out for the official launch of this collection on my Instagram @tylerpo.interiors for all of their incredible fall adventures!

4. DW Home produces candles that will fill the home with an abundance of delicious smells. You may know their brand from pacing the candle aisle at your local TJMaxx or Homegoods, but I purchased this scent through their site after multiple days searching. I know I touched upon overpowering scents being a detriment to some candles, but when done right, it can be magical. Vanilla Latte by DW Candles not only fills your home, but smells like you just picked up a warm delicious caffeinated beverage from your local coffee shop. It looks like it too! I knew I had to include this candle based on packaging alone. The to-go coffee cup style with a silicone lid is adorable to display and a true pleasure to burn. With notes of vanilla bean and roasted coffee, you will awaken your inner basic girl and immediately want to throw on the closest pair of Ugg boots.

5. Last but certainly not least, I was generously gifted a scent from my friends over at Otherland from their Manor House Weekend Collection. They describe their scent as being “Inspired by countryside weekends where bonfires blaze, cider gets spiked, and friends become family” (Otherland). The scent I received is called Cardamom Milk. With notes of frothy milk, praline woods, and cardamom, this candle will entice your senses and make your stomach growl for savory sweetness that is quintessential to Fall. This scent is so reminiscent of classic fall ingredients but refreshingly stands alone in comparison. Not only is the scent incredible, but Otherland candles are an experience even upon opening the box. Each candle comes in a matte touch white branded box which encases the candle and a beautiful box of matches. I have sent their products as gifts on multiple occasions (to myself as well) and am always validated in my decision by the excitement and awe of the recipient. This scent is a top two contender for me and I know I will be stocking up on this and the rest of the Manor House Weekend Collection for the remainder of the season (and beyond).

In such trying times there is nothing better than treating yourself to the experience and mood elevation a candle can bring to your home. Not only do all of the candles that I mentioned boast thoughtful scent profiles, but they also burn clean and are made with the highest quality waxes and fragrances. Although some are less budget-friendly than others, they all are very much worthy of the investment.


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