2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, gift giving can be challenging. It is always a fun rush to be able to give someone that perfect something that is bound to make them smile. Unless you are always certain of what that “perfect something” is, gift giving can be overwhelming. When scouring the internet for ideas, you’ll soon realize that there are gift guides everywhere. One common occurrence I see is “gift guide for him” or “gift guide for her.” Now, listen, I don’t want to get political, but it’s 2020 and gender is a construct. Personally, there are things I’d love to receive from the “gift guide for her,” but if you buy me that drill set “for him,” it better come with a gift receipt. I decided to take a different approach this year when considering gifts for my loved ones. Why not focus on a person's interests rather than focus on their gender?

With that idea in mind, here are five categories for gift giving that will help you find something for that special someone, regardless of their preferred pronoun:

1. For the Plant Lover: Plants have fully taken over homes across America. Remember when cat ladies were a thing? Yeah, they have now found a new fascination with house plants. Pathos, snake plants, money plants, succulents, fiddle trees. If you say them out loud, be prepared for a plant lover to come calling. Personally, I currently have twenty-nine plants in my home (I know, I know, I am the cat lady I've been referring to). When it comes to buying a gift for the plant lover in your life, it may be difficult to know what they want. In this guide, there are a few ideas you can’t go wrong with. Self-water pots are great for the beginners or plant-killers in your life. A guide to houseplants that I own personally comes in handy when trying to find a plant based on lighting/size/care. A swanky watering can is a great way to show a plant lover you care. Propagating is a great way to give the gift of a plant, without actually gifting a plant. If none of these ideas work for you, a full blow living breathing plant sent from The Sill will do the trick.

2. For the Coffee Drinker: I’m not sure about you, bu t coffee is very important in my household. This is probably true for the coffee drinker in your life, too! We have been receiving coffee as part of a Trade Coffee Subscription and it is a great way to experience new roasters across the country and get coffee tailored to exactly how you drink it. We order ground coffee specially roasted to make cold brew. Most coffee lovers (or novice craft coffee enthusiasts) enjoy a good cup of french press. The Yield terracotta french press not only functions well but also makes a beautiful addition to your coffee bar/kitchen decor. Mugs are also important. For this reason, I’ve included two types. A handmade mug by ceramist Bri Larson and the self heating/warming mug by Ember. Bri’s mugs are beautiful and a great way to support small business during this holiday season. The Ember mug is great for hot coffee drinkers. You can set the temperature of the mug and it will keep your brew at that temperature until you are finished consuming. There’s nothing worse than a cold cup of hot coffee. Something that has really upped my at home coffee game has been a milk frother. The one I am including in this gift guide not only froths any kind of milk or creamer you’d like, but you can also add all of the ingredients to cook up a yummy cup of hot cocoa as well. Last but not least, a Nespresso machine is a sure-fire way to enhance a coffee lover’s kitchen. The Nespresso VertuoPlus makes various sizes, strengths, and coffee styles making the barista capabilities from home endless.

3. For the Wine Enthusiast: What better way to unwind from the day or a stressful week than with a delicious bottle of wine? Now for some of us, wine is more than just self-care. It’s a passion. Wondering what to get the wine lover in your life? These gifts will impress any wine drinker. First up, of course, the beverage itself. Hamel Family Wines is a family owned and operated winery in Sonoma Valley. Their wines are produced in small batches from their Sonoma Valley and Moon Mountain District estate vineyards. The Hamel Family’s approach to wine is organic and biodynamic in practice and passionate in nature. In this gift guide I have included their “At Home With Hamel Family Wines Virtual Tasting”. This is perfect for someone who enjoys high quality wine or for a couple, parents, or friends that you want to gift an experience to. The tasting includes four bottles of wine, personalized tasting menus, tasting collateral, HFW swag, and a virtual tour and tasting that lasts from sixty to ninety minutes. If you’re looking to impress, look no further. Next, a few elevated classics. Estelle Colored Glasses offers luxury glassware that comes in stunning styles and color ranges. I have included their stemmed emerald wine glasses which will make the perfect addition to anyone’s holiday table. Myrth Ceramics’ swig wine cups are my daily wear wine glasses. They are simply stunning. Hand cast in Somerville, MA and glazed with signature recipes, no two are the same. They are multipurpose but have an incredible hand and mouth feel for your next glass of wine. When opening your wine, why not make the process and experience as well? The Rabbit brand wine openers are by far the easiest to use and exciting to gift. Most Rabbit sets include a wine opener, foil cutter, wine/champagne preserver, and more. Last, a beautiful wine decanter from Longaberger. Decanting is not only good in practice, but it’s a great way to add style to your next dinner party or wine gathering. The leather detail on this decanter adds a beautiful accent and will blend well with decor in any season.

4. For the Decor Lover: If you were to peak at my holiday wishlist, seventy five percent of the items are home decor. Even if you are not a decor lover yourself, or the person receiving your gift isn’t an enthusiast per say, these items will make a great addition to any home. First up: table books. Table books are the easiest way to decorate a space and not only do they make for great decor, but they are functional as well. I like to search for table books that express personal interests while also snagging a few that inspire with beautiful inspiration. This book by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is not only stunning, but it has really taken the design community by storm. Next up, an incense burner by Yield Design. I personally have this incense burner in grey and I love what it adds to a display as well as all of the incense scents that Yield sells. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but also functional as well. Speaking of wonderful scents, Otherland offers candles in some of my favorite scent notes while also adding to decor. The candles also come beautifully packaged and ready to gift. A Peruvian Alpaca throw from The Citizenry is a luxury that everyone should receive this holiday season. Hand-loomed, this throw will make a statement in any space while the baby soft alpaca throw will be perfect to burrow under. Lastly, some decor favorites that will add to any space. A pitcher from McGee & Co. is both beautiful and functional. Add flowers, fresh or dried, placed on a shelf, or used during your next dinner party, this pitcher will be sure to impress. Lastly, this pale wooden chain from Bloomist. Chains of all textures, materials, and sizes are in this year. Add on top of table books, or in any space you’re looking to add a little flair and this chain will fit right in.

5. For the Skincare Routine: Skincare is always a gift well received. Who isn’t looking to up their skincare routine each year? Not only will these gifts make a great addition to any routine, they also will be sure to impress this holiday season. Follain is a brand I included in my Small Business Gift Guide that focuses on clean beauty. Their Dual Detox Mask purifies and resurfaces the skin revealing a radiant glow that is perfect for holiday photos. The Glam Glow Supertoner is a product I can’t rave enough about. I have gone through at least four or five bottles at this point and it is a product I can’t go without in my skincare routine. After cleansing my skin with the Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleanser which is gentle and effective, the toner leaves my skin feeling fully cleansed of any debris and fresh. It creates the perfect base for moisturizer and serums. The Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream is the perfect moisturizer for both day and night. It is fast absorbing, leaving your face feeling refreshed with any greasiness or film. It nourishes your skin in a way that is great for a night cream but light enough for a day cream. The Luna Serum by Sunday Riley is the perfect addition to your nightly routine if you’re looking for a little extra boost. It reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores while plumping the skin for a youthful glow. Top off with the Youth to the People Dream Eye Cream and the Laneige Lip Sleep Mask and your skin will do more than thank you.


Founder & Creative Director

Ash & Burrow

Lindsey Wood


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